Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

  Actress, Singer, Filmmaker and Author 

Latest Productions:

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Film / Theater Resume ~


One Wife to Give (Season 2)

News From Under the Red Carpet

It's Tea or the Dog (Season 2)

The Lady Gaga John Wayne Parody


Can't be Shamed - Classic Re-Releases

It's Tea or the Dog

Eva Braun - Nazi Love Parody

News From Under the Red Carpet - Justine Belieber

One Wife to Give - Nopal Garter

- 2015

Change the World Project - Pre-Production

From Under the Red Carpet - Lead

M.I.A. Parodies - Lead

Season Two of One Wife To Give - Lead

- 2014 

Lead - It's Tea or the Dog - Season Two (In-Production)
Lead - One Wife To Give - Season One
Make It Fake Anti-Fur Campaign
Underground: Hostage Crisis Interactive Web series Initiative
Lady Gaga Applause Parody
Jennifer Lopez Booty Parody
Lead - From Under The Red Carpet Season One
Miley Cyrus FU Parody
Maleficent Parody

- 2013

Doritos Commercial "Doritos For Grandma"

Doritos Commercial "Dog Gone Good"

Doritos Commercial "Caught Orange handed"

THOR 2: Everything You Didn't See In The Movie Spoof

THOR 2: The Dark World Spoof

Katy Perry From Under The Red Carpet Interview (Spoof)

Wendy's Where's The Beef Classic Remake

Midol Teen Formula Commercial

Justin Bieber Lolly Parody

Miley Cyrus VMA Viral Parody

AXE Commercial Spoof

TLC's Crown Chasers Spoof
V8 Spec Commercial
Lana Dul Rey- Lana Del Rey Parody
One Wife to Give Web Series Season One - Nopal Garter
It's Tea or the Dog Web Series Season Two - Dr. Euphoria Illwell Boothe
Twilight: A Very Vampire Holiday, Concerned Citizens Against Big Banks and Obama, Nell from Dudley Do-Right
From Russia With Love, Euphoria Illwell Boothe, Whatsit Productions
Snow White and the Huntsman Spoof; Snow White/Kristen Stewart
15 Minute Hamlet, Anne Hathaway
Fineline Theatre Arts Springfest: Les Sylphides Mazurka, Blackbird Suite by Mary Anne Lamb
It's Martini or the Dog; Euphoria Illwell Booth
It's Tea or the Dog; Euphoria Illwell Booth
Fineline Theatre Arts 2011
1940's Radio Chistmas Show,
Nutcracker: Flower Fairy, Snow Flake
Khimmy Kushions Technical Editor
Fineline Theatre Arts Spring Show 2011
Swan Lake Corps de Ballet, Barbra Braverman
Night Waltz, Arlene Begelman
Billy Bailey, Bobby Bianca

Can't Be Shamed
Smiley Virus Whatsit Productions Actor/Dancer

J and J Health You Tube Channel
Caring for Both a Parent and a Child Part 1 and 2

Johnson and Johnson Strangth for Caring Web Video 2009
Peggie, Maggie Lynn and Aggie Video principal http://www.strengthforcaring.c/

Hip Hop Forever Music Video: Final Outlaw
Angry Mob Member Directed by Janelle Ryan

For further credits, feel free to contact me via the Contact Page